The Hermessence collection by Hermès

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – The Hermessence collection by Hermès

The Hermessence collection welcomes five new olfactory compositions – two essences de parfum and three eaux de toilette. Five creations including a new gestural experience by Christine Nagel: in the meanderings of the imagination, soul and matter become fragrance. Two essences de parfum, three eaux de toilette…

Five, the number of harmony and balance, to rediscover the age‐old grace of an oriental dream, the trace of
a story cherished by Hermès and its perfumer. Source materials, ancient and rare – musk, myrrh, agar wood and cedar – gain full expression through contact with contemporary notes, like watercolour brushstrokes in a travel journal. The memory of the silk roads and the eternal elsewhere is reborn, carnal, original, and familiar. Time immemorial rewrites sacred rituals. You can wear them alone or in combination, in a caravanserai of emotions and sensations.

The tradition is perpetuated, bold, lively, tactile, with harmonies magnified and acts reinvented in a mosaic
of unguents. The eau de toilette bottles are presented in these precious cases, sheaths and caps of fine and supple leather, in Swift or Sikkim calfskin: beautifully soft to the touch, in harmony with these olfactory messages.

The Hermessence collection by Hermès


Myrrhe Églantine

From the most improbable of encounters between a red resin and
a small wild rose bursts love at
first sight. In an irresistible attraction of opposites, powerful myrrh, in former times more precious than gold, mingles with a spicy and mysterious rosehip.

Agar Ébène

An old trunk opens, exuding the aroma of agar wood, and from the darkness fir balsam emerges. Warm and woody, this balmy note weaves a veil of cashmere – everything is a memory, nothing is onerous.

Cèdre Sambac

It is said that cedars know history better than history itself. The Greeks made statues of them, the Romans sculpted their gods from them. Deeply rooted in the sacred earth of this world, a supple jasmine embraces it.


By invoking the memory of the material, Christine Nagel has found one of the most precious expressions, a rare form of quintessential musk. Two pure perfume oils, a texture that highlights cardamom on the one hand, iris on the other, form a captivating duo that dance on the skin. Two essences to wear alone, or under a Hermessence to intensify and personalise its sillage.


Under the radiant influence of cardamom, one of the most ancient spices in the world, enveloping animal notes of musks intertwine and unfurl with unbridled allure.

Musc Pallida

Like a second skin, the sensation of an unguent, the musks enhance the iris, bringing it suppleness. The very quintessence of a balm, a magic spell of liquid gold to embroider with the fingertips, it escapes into the fullness of the evening.

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