by Charlotte Smith

For almost a year I have fallen in love with educating the world about the importance of bees. It all start when I was freelancing for a luxury beauty brand. They introduced me to how important these little buzzing beauties are to the world and the plight of the world’s bees.

As this La Parisienne soon found out that Paris is full of rooftop beehives. One of my favorite cold remedies is actually honey. They introduced me to how important these little buzzing beauties are to the world and the PLIGHT OF THE WORLD’S BEES.

The plight of the world’s bee population is being dramatized in a unique artistic project, featuring a 14-meter sculpture made of 60,000 coloured and translucent alveoli resin, which comes alive as a sound and light installation.

La Ruche (Behive) is an immersive experience created by four artists, David Aiu Servan Schreiber, Ugo Schlidge, Pauline Guerier and Sarah Valente, who call themselves The Pollination Collective.

Commissioned by The Good Planet Foundation, an organisation founded by film-maker Yanmn Arthus Bertrand to raise environmental awareness, it tells the accelerated life story of a human-sized beehive. The hivecomes alive for five minutes, tracing the journey from hibernation to pollination and raising the prospect of the sepcies’ ultimate extinction.

Bees are essential for the survial of many animal and plant species and 35% of the world’s food production depends on the planet’s 30,000 species of bees. However, they are increasingly threatened by the use of pesticides and intensive agriculture techniques.

He said: “Man’s relationship with the planet is my signature. We have lost our relationship with nature. I am delighted to be involved with this project, which will raise awareness of bees’ importance to the planet and what we will lose if we do not protect them”.

La Ruche is the Collective’s first project and opened at Bois de Boulgone in Paris on Saturday April 13th. It became the centrepiece of the Foundation’s educational activities. The artists will also organise smaller, separate exhibitions, showing how the project was created, and their artwork will then be sold in aid of the Foundation.

The Foundation was established in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand as an extension of his artistic work to raise awareness of the environment and encourage people to act to protect the planet.

In 2015, Paris City Council gave the Foundation a 30-year lease on the Domiaine de Longchamp in Boise de Boulgone to turn it into a site dedicated to ecology and humnaism. The site is free, open to all and is home to the Foundation’s educational projects.

  • Artists unite in a unique collaboration to highlight an ecological crisis
  • Visitors will immerse themselves in the habitat of a threatened species

London-based David Aiu Servan Schreiber, who is supported by the MTArt Agency, has made the threat to our environment the central theme of his work. He has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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