The Domestic Dream – A Guide to Finding Your Forever 

The ‘forever home’ is essentially a family home; somewhere that can handle any changes life throws at it. It is somewhere where children can grow up, move out and will still be suitable to retire into. Figures show that young buyers are no longer choosing to take on the housing ladder one step at a time, and are searching for their ‘forever home’ with providers like

Wisdom Homes from the outset. If home is truly where the heart is, it’s important to consider all of your options and preferences before purchasing your quintessential forever home.
1. Ask yourself the right questions

How do you personally define “my forever home”. Every house-hunter is unique, each with their own likes, dislikes and deal-breakers. Asking yourself the right questions is therefore imperative to securing your forever home.


These questions also require forward thinking. For most home buyers, your wants and needs in 10 years from now will be very different from your current desires. A flexible space is therefore key to landing the keys to an all-encompassing dream home. Some important questions to consider when searching for that ‘special someone’ include:

2. Stay on budget

Finding and remaining in your forever home requires an honest assessment of your current and likely financial status in the future. Drafting a budget and restricting your search to houses within your price range, will save you time and from disappointment.


Even if a house candidate is within your price range, it is important to consider whether the cost of living is affordable for you into the future. Budgeting for all housing related costs in the future includes considering:


● Any ongoing mortgage payments

● Property taxes on houses

● Monthly maintenance fees for condominiums

● Utilities and phone costs if not included

● Budget for maintenance


3. Flexibility is key

Finding a flexible space must be a high priority for any house hunter searching for a forever home. Even a small space can promote longevity if the layout provides for a certain level of flexibility. These spaces are ones which can be closed off or opened up depending on demand. A forever home will see many coming, staying and leaving. Being able to easily convert rooms when life circumstances change, is crucial to a home being suitable for a long future together.


4. Seek professional advice

Securing your forever home requires many important considerations. Real-estate professionals can assist you with the process and ensure that you are left with the perfect property for your needs. When aiming to purchase the home you’ll want to live the rest of your life in, it is important to begin with an honest discussion of your wants and needs with a trusted professional. Together you can narrow your search options to homes within your price range and with the features that you desire.

5. Location, location, location

Consider the location you always pictured for your forever home. If this is different to anywhere you have previously lived, it is important to do thorough research before committing to a home in a new location. Consider the facilities and services you want nearby when determining your location. Access to shopping centres, schools and parks may be some of the things you consider when you’re looking for a place to live forever.
Finding a forever home requires patience, open-mindedness and flexibility. It can take house hunters years to find their dream house, and the process can be discouraging. As you turn the page to your next chapter, seeking advice from an experienced real-estate professional can assist you in your search, and remove the uncertainty from the process. Happy hunting!

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● How much space do you need now and expect to need in the future?

● What climate would I like to live in?

● Would I like to start a family?

● Which neighbourhood would I like to live in?

● Will this neighbourhood be suitable for kids?

● What will matter once any children move out?

● Is my dream home an apartment, condominium or house?

● How much time and money can I devote to maintenance?

● Are there options with layout and room size, which will allow some shuffling for children or unexpected life changes?

● Will the decor date quickly?

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