Tess Daly reveals her secret to feeling light on her legs with Scholl tights

BEAUTY WEDNESDAY – Tess Daly reveals her secret to feeling light on her legs with SCHOLL

Strictly Come Dancing Presenter, Tess Daly, is calling on British women to step ahead with a lighter feeling for their legs all day and night as she spearheads a new photo-shoot campaign to mark the launch of Scholl Light Legs 20 Denier Compression Tights in Nude and Black.


TV sensation Tess strikes poses for the ‘floating on air’ themed photoshoot, depicting those everyday moments when you put pressure on your pins and need a circulation boost. From walking the dog and shopping; through to pounding the pavement and attending an evening event, Tess beautifully demonstrates how the fashionable compression tights help her legs feel light, giving her a boost from morning till evening. Captured by world-renowned photographer Esther Haase, who has shot for the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle, the dazzling images bring to life that ‘light leg feeling’ we strive for.


The study also revealed that as a result of having tired legs, one in four women have avoided going for a walk, while nearly a fifth have missed out on a shopping trip (19%) and one in six have cancelled a night out. Women no longer need to put up with this! Scholl Light Legs 20 Denier Compression Tights present a stylish solution to help them carry on with their social engagements.


Commenting on the campaign, Tess says, “As a busy working mum of two, I’m constantly trying to squeeze as much into each day as possible; whether it’s the school run, feeding the family, work commitments or catching up with friends. I’m constantly on the go and most of my time is spent on my feet. For me, my secret wellbeing weapon to stay energised are Scholl Light Legs Tights – their compression technology makes my legs feel so light, giving me a boost all day long.”


Research from Scholl[i] also reveals British women’s biggest bug bears when it comes to their tights are getting ladders (62%) or holes (51%). Fulfilling this style groan, new Scholl Light Legs 20 Denier Compression Tights feature exclusive Ladder Lock™ technology – a specially designed fabric that prevents holes from turning into ladders. Tiredness can come from decreased circulation in legs and the scientific secret behind that ‘light leg feeling’ with Scholl Light Legs Tights is through a unique Fibre Firm™ technology that applies pressure in targeted areas from the ankle upwards to help boost circulation.


Other tights bugbears include that they fall down (26%) and can go wrinkly around the knees or ankles (25%). The premium quality of Scholl’s hot hosiery hero means that they retain the same flawless fit without losing their shape or compression, so that they can be washed up to 50 times and worn time and time again to comfortably help create a shapely silhouette.


Elise Cockley, Marketing Manager for Scholl, comments: “Tess is the perfect choice to front our campaign as she has first-hand experience of what it’s like to put her legs through life’s daily paces. Like most of us, she wants to feel boosted and light on her legs and feet from AM to PM without having to face that irksome tired, heavy feeling. With the new Scholl Light Legs tights in 20 Denier we want to educate women that there is now a practical, everyday and effortless solution to help achieve this.”


Grab your must-have pair of Scholl Light Legs™ Tights in 20 Denier in Nude or Black and achieve that ‘light leg feeling’ like Tess Daly. Priced at £14.99* they can be found in the footcare aisle from all top retailers and pharmacies in four sizes: S, M, L, XL. For more information, visit

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