SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Swaddles are the finest quality organic cotton flannel baby blankets made from certified organic cotton. As the eco-friendly market momentum has grown, more than ever, parents are looking for organic alternatives that minimize impact to the planet. SwaddleDesigns Organic product line includes four environmental-friendly products:

STYLE CARTEL MOM - SWADDLE DESIGNS GOES ECO-CHIC SwaddleDesigns is the ultimate destination for stylish baby blankets and fashionable layette essentials, which showcases certified organic products including swaddle blankets, burp cloths, bibs, washcloths and hooded towels. Known for its award-winning Certified Organic Cotton Ultimate Swaddle blankets, SwaddleDesigns Organic product line appeals to Eco-Chic retailers and mums. “We are thrilled to offer top retailers in the UK and Europe our stylish, premium quality organic layette essentials,” says Lynette Damir, Registered Nurse and Founder of SwaddleDesigns. “We are delighted to introduce our wonderful assortment of certified organic cotton, stylish, everyday essentials for a newborn layette.”

BEAUTY WEDNESDAY | VOYA PEARLESQUE Deep in the Chihuahua Desert, Mexico, lies the most fascinating plant, Selaginella Lepidophylla,The Rose of Jericho. As the rainy season ends and the land dries up, the Rose of Jericho drops its leaves and curls its branches within to begin itsincredible journey. Holding tightly onto its ripe fruits and seeds, the resurrection plant enters adormant state. A variety of tumbleweed, The Rose of Jericho can stay this way for many decades as it is carried across the desert sands by strong winds, rolling for years until it reaches a fresh source of water.