Astro Alert Week of May 9, 2013 *Baharani the star cultivated and preserved. This includes the dependents and the servants. The animal that symbolizes *Baharani is the elephant. This star is connected to the energy that we spend for our maintenance and material world. *Baharani Nakshatra takes what’s an old part of your life and changes it for a new thing. Takes something old and brings something new. Takes the movement of the soul and goes farther then the body. Transmits ideas relating to discipline self-control, faithful, strong, to be supportive and resistant, and take care of situations.

Astro Alert for the May 2nd 2003Neptune and Saturn are like dullards this week. Saturn calls for extra effort to achieve results and Neptune wonders and dreams. Therefore being a week of controversy strongly impacting the way we communicate. Vendors, journalists and writers have to use some extra skill to put the news out there.