BEAUTY WEDNESDAY - NEUTROGENA® Spotlight Moments Index A new study that identifies the emotional struggles of having acne and its impact on self-confidence It’s no secret that having acne can be a source of anxiety for women and the emotional impact can take its toll. To understand more, NEUTROGENA® has developed the NEUTROGENA® Spotlight Moments Index, an expansive study of 16-30 year old female acne sufferers*.

Luxury organic skincare brand, VOYA, introduces NEW VISAGE awakening eye mask, their latest product innovation as part of their skin type specific Sensitive Range. Designed to treat tired, dehydrated eyes and the surrounding skin, VISAGE works by soothing contours whilst keeping dry skin and wrinkles at bay. We often forget just how delicate the eye area is, which is why at the end of each day we can look tired due to puffiness and so we need to give our eyes the love and attention they need!