BEAUTY WEDNESDAY - NEUTROGENA® Spotlight Moments Index A new study that identifies the emotional struggles of having acne and its impact on self-confidence It’s no secret that having acne can be a source of anxiety for women and the emotional impact can take its toll. To understand more, NEUTROGENA® has developed the NEUTROGENA® Spotlight Moments Index, an expansive study of 16-30 year old female acne sufferers*.

BEAUTY WEDNESDAY - Top Luxury Moisturisers We all love a touch of luxury, especially on our skin. We selected these four amazing face creams that promise to do wonders thanks to their innovative technologies. They might be pricey, but they are worth every penny. And so is our healthy-looking skin. La Prairie Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold

Skeyndor is launching the addition to Derma Peel Pro range - Resurfacing Peel Concentrate. Derma Peel Pro is an exclusive Skeyndor method that sees: * Multilayer sequential technology * 5 peeling techniques for the perfect skin * High concentration of actives for better efficiency and renovating performance * Two types of professional treatments to treat wrinkles and pigmentations * Home treatment products for daily use

Combat lines and wrinkles with 23 Carat Hydration Gold! 23 carat pure gold combined with Hyaluronic acid brings the anti ageing benefits to the forefront. The benefits of the 23 carat gold powder allows optimising visual effects that Hyaluronic Acid/ hydration brings to the skin, creating a sheer veil of radiance that can be lost with age. Hyaluronic Acid prevents the access of toxic substances, giving the skin a turgid and well hydrated sight. With the passing years the concentration of Hyaluronic acid contained in the dermis has the tendency to reduce. This cosmetic treatment with Hyaluronic acid resolves aesthetical problems of skin ageing thanks to its hydrating, softening, protective and regenerative properties.