If you have time to brush your teeth, you definitely have time to take care of your skin.

Synergie introduces to adolescents and adults with prone skin their “Synergie Teen Intro Kit”, the perfect kit to start their skincare routine. Taking care of your skin start at the beginning of your life, as prevention and keep your skin young and bright. The kit allows you to keep your skincare products during your travels or any sleepovers by their small size. The perfect size to pack in your travel bag without taking too much space.

The kit includes 3 different products: UltraCleanse ; In-B-Teen ; HydroGel.


Your day starts and ends with the UltraCleanse, the cleanser which is meant to be used in the mornings and nights for efficient results. Gentle for the skin, it removes dirt, sebum, pollution or any makeup residues which can obstruct your pores and cause breaks-out. Gentle and made with ginseng extract, it doesn’t damage the skin and you do not feel really dry after use as you might do with some other cleanser. The UltraCleanse is the perfect alternative for oily and blemish-prone skin.

In-B-Teen serum

Made of vitamin B, the In-B-Teen is the perfect product to prevent and smooth out your wrinkles or blemishes. It also calms your redness and sensitivity by deep hydrating your skin. More hydrating than a random moisturizer. The serum can be applying twice a day (morning and night) on a clean face and neck under the moisturizer. In a daily use, changes will be quickly noticed, a more hydrated and firm skin. The In-B-Teen is the perfect way to go for a nourish and healthy skin.


The HydroGel can be used after the application of the In-B-Teen serum. This moisturizer has a gel form which gives a better adherence and absorption to your skin. Made of natural Buchu leaves and oil free, this moisturizer is perfect for all types of skin. On a daily use, the moisturizer will reduce the appearance of your pores and regulate the oil control of your skin, improvements will clearly be noticed.

With all these products combined and used on daily bases, my skin looks brighter and more firm, it also helped my redness and my scars to disappear. The results of these products are very satisfying, and it pushed me to use some other products from Synergie.

Synergie skin products are the perfect way to show some love to your skin.

Available in the UK exclusively through MRS-RICHIE.COM

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