How To Survive the Biggest Weekend in Toronto

by Veronica Vaduva
Since social media is such a huge deal these days, it seems that we can really keep up with everyone.  This is great because we see as all the celebrities go vacationing in the same places.  This year started off in Paris with of course fashion week than seemed to go to Cannes, Nice, and than Mykonos.  But, the first weekend of August is always Toronto.  This is because of OVO Fest (the annual concert held by Drake in his city) and Caribana (3 days of celebrating caribbean culture).  This year it included all stars from Chantel Jeffries, Drake, French Montana, and even Lebron James.  So here is how to survive the most packed weekend in the 6ix.
As a fellow Torontonian, I love this weekend because it really brings the city alive and people come from all over and really fall in love with the city.
The main event that everyone wants to go to is Caribana.  The costumes are absolutely amazing and you will find the best food and music. This is what brings in so many tourists from all around the world.  There are floats going all through the downtown area with streets closed off, so it’s not hard to find.  How to survive? Bring lots of water and wear running shoes.  I know lots of people who have participated in this parade for years and they always say you get the best workout because you are walking alongside the floats the entire way.  But don’t worry, the elaborate costumes take away from any sneaker heads.




For those who want more of a party life, and aren’t really into the parade vibe, there is Cabana.  Located just outside of the heart of the city, but overlooking the skyline, it is the best rooftop pool and day party.  During this weekend there are legendary events: Saturday is always hosted by OVO members (This year Partynextdoor and Roy Woods), and Sunday is always hosted by Lebron James.) If you’re interested in going, make sure you get your tickets quick.  Ladies be sure to look your absolute best because there are lots of men who are in the scene and gentlemen, be sure to have your cabana and bottle service booked well in advance.




The most popular day is probably the Monday because of OVO Fest.  This is legendary because Drake always brings guest surprises and it’s a concert and experience you cannot find anywhere else.  Tickets sell out in seconds, and this years surprises included: French Montana, Migos, Cardi B, and more.  Previous years have been nothing less than amazing including performers like: Rihanna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and more.


The first weekend of August should be designated as the real Toronto weekend.  Celebrities and tourists fly from all over the world, to get Canadian hospitality that is irreplaceable.  The memories and amazing atmosphere will have you craving to book again for next year before you leave.

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