Style Inspo May

by Nejilka

I kind of like to think New York is warm and sunny in May. But it’s raining cats and dogs. I can’t seem to catch the Vitamin D before the moon starts peaking through. These boring nights in and the sound of the rain have me feeling quite inspired. As a single woman, I’m ready to take over New York with my style. Everyone has their go-to outfits. I’m just re-inventing what I already have and bringing something new for May.

Have you ever worn a slip dress and oversized leather jacket like this? That is never a bad idea. One of the most simple outfits yet edgy/chic. Especially on those cold spring nights.

When the weather’s down doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bad outfit. Rainy day outfits should consist of a clear trench and wellies.

Cycle shorts are on the rise. Every single designer and manufacture is offering various types of cycle shorts. If you’re keeping it simple, try pairing them with a classic oversized button down. If it’s too simple, throw in a beret or a pair of heeled sandals. Personally, I’m good with sandals and red lipstick.

Leather trousers might be daring in the spring. As long as it’s not too humid out, I’m down to go to a bar or nightclub in leather trousers. Pair leather trousers with a daring bustier/corset.

Who said cardigans are only for grandmas? I’ve been demanding for a great cardigan. Presently the problem is, how do you style a cardigan? I’d pair an oversized knit cardigan with boyfriend jeans. Bring on those crop tops out and pointy toe shoes.

Oversized cardigans + Boyfriend Jeans = Match Made in Heaven.

The suit denim reminds me of the 2000s. In the music videos, carpet, runways it remained solely surrounding denim. It’s one timeless staple to combine in your wardrobe. It’s simple yet cool. I’d match it among a pair of sandals, to combine that 2000’s aesthetic we so long for.

Normally cardigans are worn so boringly. A cute green mini ruche dress can go quite well with a cropped 3/4 sleeve white cardigan. Perfect for the spring nights

Like myself, if you’re brave enough to wear boots in the Spring/Summer then this is the fit. I really am loving the mesh top trend. Let’s pair it with a midi skirt adding the elegance to this outfit.

It’s all about the ruffles and the asymmetrical tops. This top is a statement, so I’d tone it down with jeans.

I really love this McQueen inspired outfit. The corsets make the ruffled dresses more extravagant. It’s like ship wreck meets 1900’s.

People tend to forget about white button downs are great for spring. They’re airy and go with almost everything. I’d wear this to my non-existent office.

I’m really loving this cropped cardigan with a pair of Levi’s look. So casual. I’d wear this to do my grocery shopping or laundry.

I did not forget about the denim dresses. They’re making a comeback! Pair this gorgeous denim dress with sandals and red lipstick. I always have this dress in hand for the picnics.

Last but not least, one of my favorites. When it’s too hot to wear a blazer, my go-to is an oversized button-down shirt. Pair that button down with a mini dress and cowboy boots. It’s the staple of my wardrobe. Simple, comfy and super chic.



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