Style Cartel Weekly Horoscope | Astrological Footprint – APRIL, 17 th, 2017

Style Cartel Weekly Horoscope – APRIL, 17 th, 2017


#MONDAY, 17th, with Saturn in action. Saturn is blocking countries that go beyond the limits. In our lifetime, Sun and Saturn act early in the morning at Noon. The rules are clear, the Law is clear and there is projection for who is right. Those who act outside of ethics and the Law go through bad times, both in their personal lives and in their careers. The #Moon in Capricorn, the largest holder of power in the high sphere, controls situations with short reins. At nightfall, Neptune and the Moon align in the sky and bring hope to Earth. Artists and creatives are sharp. Finish everything until 2AM of the 18th. After that, Venus does not bring prosperous paths in #international markets. Day of glory for the right, ethical and law-abiding companies. Signs on a good today #sagittarius #Leo #Pisces #Cancer #Taurus #Virgo #Gemini #Libra

#TUESDAY, 18th, good day with best moments after 4PM GMT. Power disputes in all sectors. Demands for solutions, put the mind to work.

#WEDNESDAY, 19th, good day with fraternal climate and Moon in Aquarius. Heavy demands against the irresponsibility of those who foment War. Love and business are good near 4PM GMT. Call your team and negotiate with everyone. There are good results in the corporate environment, if it is cooperative.

#THURSDAY, 20th, perfect day to communicate something. Talk, talk a lot, put your ideas out. Business on the rise.

#FRIDAY, 21st, with problems until 3PM GMT, mismatch and accidents. Fights are fought by words and not by force. Whoever speaks well, wins.

#SATURDAY, 22nd, filled with dream and fantasy. Enjoy the sunset.

#SUNDAY, 23rd, emotional day with #Moon in Pisces. Melancholy until 1AM of the 24th.


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The week brings calm and happiness to couples. Only on Friday, after 11 GMTAM, there is a climate of demands with Saturn squaring to Venus. Single people can find love through good conversation. On Friday, Mars goes to Gemini and everything starts with the brain. If the mind accepts the idea, everything will flow between the couple.


Alert of violence for the Planet on 18th,19th,21st,23rd of April.

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