Love Horoscopes June 14th, 2019

Style Cartel Weekend Love Horoscopes for Friday, June 14th, 2019

by Claudia Vannini

The love horoscopes start with an Intense sky between 6 AM GMT and 4 PM GMT. It’s MARS’ FRIDAY! The warrior planet creates confusion with Neptune, complicates with SATURN and then with Jupiter. Aggressiveness and violence in the air. It is a violent morning. After 4 PM GMT, everything is easier.

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The MOON in SCORPIO creates subtle sceneries and deepens the themes. We are more open to dialogue and philosophy. LOVE at the end of WEEK: Libido is high and channels the combat energy. The nightfall of Friday is full of charm and seduction. Saturday’s nightfall is not so simple for couples.

What saves us is the MOON that follows to Sagittarius. Even so, couples get weird on the night of the 15th. Sunday goes well for #SINGLES and COUPLES. It’s a weekend getaway for outdoor walks with sun, sea or countryside. Guaranteed adventure! ALL #SIGNS prepared to love and unravel the Planet Earth with its infinite possibilities.

Be happy on Earth

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