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A PEACEFULLY sleeping baby means a restful night for parents. The SleepCurve® mattress is the innovative new mattress that ensures that both parents and baby safely derive the most from their sleep.

The mattress is developed specifically by a renowned paediatric osteopath to engineer better, healthier sleep for baby by opening the airways and maintaining a cool temperature. Additionally any pressure points are relieved, thanks to the unique and ergonomic ‘curve’ of the mattress.


When lying on a SleepCurve® mattress, a baby’s head shape is gently accounted for, meaning that the airways are open more than they would be if the baby were asleep on a flat surface. This is important from birth onwards but is also particularly helpful for when baby has a cold. This position can also help prevent acid reflux, where milk can come back up the food pipe and often cause discomfort to an infant.

The clever rounded channels throughout the mattress prevent overheating by allowing heat to escape, maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature for baby and ensuring a longer, more comfortable sleep.

The neutral support of the head and the spine relieves pressure points, particularly on the soft skull of a newborn, ensuring both comfort and a ‘cradling’ effect, not dissimilar to when a parent is naturally cradling the baby in their arms.

The SleepCurve® mattress has helped over 18,000 families to date and was developed by Phillip Owen, a leading paediatric cranial osteopath.

He comments:

“I developed the SleepCurve® mattress to help thousands of families across the world. Sleep is essential for young babies’ growth and development. The curved channels prevent heat spots or overheating and keep baby cooler. Not only is this a safer sleep practice but it again adds to the quality and length of sleep sessions, allowing for a happier, more comfortable and rested child and parent. I believe every child in the world should be given one.”

Written by Fashion & Beauty Features Editor – Gosia Krajewski

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GOSIA KRAJEWSKI Fashion, Mommy blogger & Beauty Features Editor at Style Cartel. Former Senior Account Executive at JWPR (Capsule Comms) Worked for Marie Claire & Instyle


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