This week at Style Cartel together with the youngest member of the team, we were testing Mini Micro Scooter and Suspension Scooter for adults. I must admit, that it was quite a challenge to ride the scooter. Why? Simply because I haven’t done it for years! But with spring on the horizon, it is such a brilliant idea to get one of those for your little one and for yourselves. Walks in the park have never been more fun. Great thing about the mini micro scooters is the fact, that they are suitable from 12 months onwards.

Aqua Mini Deluxe Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters UK was founded in 2006 by two mums, Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty, after they discovered how much easier it was to get from A to B with their young children using tough, lightweight scooters instead of buggies. Thanks to their durability, performance and safety, as well as their fun designs, Micro Scooters have won more awards than any other scooter brand and become the UK’s market leader.  Micro Scooters sell scooters for people of virtually any age. From one year-old toddlers to grandparents – everyone from Kirstie Allsopp to Hugh Jackman have been spotted with one! Meanwhile, the growing range of stunt scooters for older children, teenagers and adults has carved out a whole new market. Roll on spring, we are ready! Micro Suspension Scooter_Lifestyle 5_-ú179.95_Micro Scooters

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Sleep brand eve has launched a babybox, featuring artwork by designer Clifford Richards and created exclusively for mothercare. The babybox, available in two bold designs, goes on sale in early June 2017 at for £99. The babybox is packed full of newborn essentials from mothercare and is also an ideal secondary sleep space for babies at nap time, making it the perfect gift for new parents.

STYLE CARTEL MOM - UNA THE TRUNKI UNICORN We all probably heard of Trunki - colourful, fun suitcase for kids. I never understood the phenomenon of Trunki, and why almost all tots at the airport ride on it. Until now! Here at Style Cartel we had a chance to test ride it - of course out little tester Matylda did it for us. She absolutely loved it, whether it was sitting on it. riding or pulling it. And as a mommy, I was very excited about its functionality too. Ride Una the Trunki Unicorn on mystical adventures!

STYLE CARTEL MOM - SKIP HOP 'UPLIFT' INTO BOUNCER Bringing families closer together with their latest addition to its “Must-Haves Made Better” Skip Hop launches the Uplift Baby Bouncer. The lifestyle brand devoted to designing innovative “Must-Haves Made Better” products for parents, babies and children, is launching into the bouncer category with the Uplift Baby Bouncer.