by Nejilka

Style Cartel is a digital magazine that features innovations, experiences and opinions on fashion, beauty, culture and motherhood.  The brand launched in 2008 under Editor-In-Chief Charlotte Smith and has expanded to establish teams in London, New York, Paris and Thailand.

What sets Style Cartel apart from its publishing peers is the team’s diverse perspective, which has allowed their wide-ranging audience to be exposed into insightful content. The magazine’s contributors are an eclectic mix of writers from different ethnicities, ages, cities, styles and talents. The team prides itself on embracing its melting pot of mindsets, which has enabled Style Cartel to build a genuinely unique, diverse and inclusive community. Also, we’ve devoted an entire section for Mums to voice their thoughts, interests and concerns.


fashion month coverage / insights on trends / emerging designers / curated shopping edits / models / interviews


makeup / skincare / hair / nails / fitness / honest reviews / advice / curated shopping edits / gifting ideas / new launches


art / design / books / travel / home / lifestyle / music / film / entertainment / horoscopes / food / drinks / nightlife / events


a platform for Mums to voice their concerns, interests and opinions while sharing useful tips to make parenting easier


Style Cartel only partners with brands whose ideas and aesthetic coincides with our own.  It is of paramount importance that we collaborate with brands we trust to create quality content we genuinely believe in. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating native advertising into our natural features to provide our audience with engaging, exciting and reliable material that they come to Style Cartel for.


Style Cartel arranges fun giveaways, contests, and viral campaigns for its audience to participate in. Exposing a new and niche audience to your brand opens up opportunities within a community that values luxury products that go beyond the hype and can deliver the promised benefits. Because our community understand that Style Cartel is selective with whom they partner with, we provide access to a well-informed demographic that is open to and keen on learning more about the latest innovations in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Style Cartel’s giveaways have proven that our audience is more likely to willingly share content with their family and peers if they can potentially gain from it. Also, winners tend to become loyal customers once they’ve had the opportunity to test out a product or service.

By integrating Style Cartel into your marketing plan, you can take your brand to the next level with an audience of affluent, educated consumers of luxury products and services.


Launch your brand or new products/services

Execute promotions

Drive event attendance

Increase web traffic

Create brand awareness


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15,000 RSS Feed

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550+ Pinterest Followers

Visitors across 83 countries – the majority from the US, UK, France, UAE & Australia


Style Cartel ​is affiliated with t​, periodically posting reviews for products through provided affiliation links. In return, Style Cartel may receive a payment per clicks or a commission (a percentage of the sales originating from the linked product). Not all products we link are through the affiliate program, and the affiliate program does not affect what we can feature in our posts. All of the items featured are genuine of interest that we are inspired to talk about and share.


Style Cartel I​s happy to review products and services. To send a sample of your product, please email Please note that there is no guarantee your submitted sample will be featured on Style Cartel. Samples will not be returned for any reason. All gifted items will be disclosed with “courtesy of” at the bottom of the social media post or article. Products will only be featured if they are an ideal fit for Style Cartel.


Any personal information collected (name, email address, mailing address, etc.) at the time of giveaway is never be sold or disclosed by Style Cartel to third parties.

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