Style Cartel Horoscopes for  the week of September 24th, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

MONDAY opens a week with excesses. The #Moon goes to its FULL phase. Everything is magnified and we have reached the limits. Knowing this, start the week with the patience of a Budha. The astral dilemma revolves around Uranus, Sun and Moon.

How the Week Unfolds

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They act in opposite directions. Sun and Moon seek partnerships. Uranus stimulates individual gains. How to deal?

There is little space, at the time of the Planet, for individual actions. All that is individual loses the Cosmic support. Everything that is about the group and fraternal gains support. It’s your decision. You want to walk quickly and stagnate or go for the long run?

Perhaps this is the moment of appreciation of the small daily drops that Life offers. If you choose to run alone, prepare yourself for the discomfort of loneliness. Beginning of the fattening week. Watch your eating habits. SIGNS in a good mood today. #pisces #scorpio #capricorn #sagittarius

TUESDAY with exalted spirit. Best moments between 5 PM GMT and 11 PM GMT.

WEDNESDAY leave the schedule slower. Troubled day.

THURSDAY after 11 PM GMT, all the courage available to act.

FRIDAY magic day for business and #investments. Do not miss out!

SATURDAY evening propitious for good ideas and courageous solutions.

SUNDAY with Pluto in direct movement. Transformations occur quickly. The past is in the past.


LOVE is in a great moment. The Moon in Aries has couples motivated starting Monday. The lively pace slows down on Tuesday night. All normal on Wednesday. Great evening on Thursday. Libido is high and there is courage for the #SINGLES FUN TIME!


ALERT of violence for the Planet on September 27th and 29th.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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