Style Cartel Horoscope | Astrological Footprint -July,12th,2017

Astrological Footprint -July,12th,2017

Wednesday with a confused start with the connection between Uranus and the Moon. Trains, buses, subways and computer systems can stop. Do not fight with your smartphone. Give him rest until 1PM GMT. After that, life goes on.

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Nothing very important in our walk. An ordinary day. We can become melancholy after 5PM GMT with the arrival of the Moon in Pisces. It’s that subtle energy, that feeling that we’ve lost some information. Carry on with good thoughts and gratitude for the opportunity on Earth. When you feel confused with this Moon, exit the Self. Do something for the other and you will see the scenery change.

Immersed in the Self, on this day, we see little. By changing sides, we can understand the vastness of the Universe. Simple gestures from the heart that neutralize solitude among 7 billion Humans. Until July 16th, continue to expand your projects. Do not give up.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE



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