Style Cartel Daily Horoscopes March 13th and The Week Ahead

Daily Astrological Footprint March 13th and The Week Ahead

Horoscopes for #Monday, 13th, bring  with good news. Mercury goes to the sign of ARIES and all communication is activated. The mind is benefited and new ways are seen.

MARCH, 13th, 2017 Horoscopes

It is the opening of space for independence. Involves the mind and communication, expands business and contracts. Enjoy this good cycle until March 31st and move on. Good professional, school and affective relationship until Midnight. From that moment, end the bonds because Moon and Venus oppose and there is no longer the harmony of Full #Moon in Libra. All Signs in good moment. Maximum period of fluid retention, edema and weight gain.

Horoscopes March 13th and The Week Ahead

#Tuesday, 14th, has a positive spirit to demand people and rights. Confused feelings after 7:30 PM GMT with obsessive thoughts. #Wednesday, 15th, serious problems in expressing ideas. Empty the calendar. #Thursday, 16th, #Moon in Scorpio. Solve the important issues today. Do not leave big decisions for tomorrow.   Vogue Paris’s 95th Anniversary Party Magdalena Langrova the-stylecartel-weekly-love-and-stars-horoscopes   #Friday, 17th, good day with problems at dusk. Close before 9:30 PM GMT, and do not sign contracts, there are no guarantees. Romances on the rise after 9 PM GMT. Violence for the Planet on 15th, 17th and 18th of March at various times according to the Local time.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_

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