Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes May 9th

Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint  May 9th

Horoscopes today with Pluto and Sun put the cards on the table. It’s a day of truths. This powerful astral gives strength to the transformation of what is ancient. Renewal is welcome! #Moon also has its power on Tuesday.

MAY,09th, 2017

Deep, sensitive and dense, it passes through Scorpio. It could even pull us to the bottom of the pit, but the agitation is so much that it does not leave space. Let us then stay with the sensual side of this Moon that enchants us all with its spells. The Lunar Node in Leo makes all demands possible. Bosses, authorities, judges and teachers get results.

#Scorpio #Aries #Gemini #Leo should control their Despotism.

#Cancer #Pisces #Taurus #Scorpio live an extremely sensual day.

#Virgo #Gemini #Scorpio #Aquarius #Capricorn are electric.

#Taurus #Libra #Cancer #Pisces live tensions after noon.

#Libra has a nice day.

#Sagittarius is in the world of illusions.

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