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Daily Astrological Footprint 

Horoscopes for Saturday February 4th  WAXING #MOON in #TAURUS.  Saturday for beginnings. Start a project, post an idea or start a novel. It will last longer.

FEBRUARY,4th by Claudia Vannini

It’s also a good time to cut #hairs to grow quickly. If you want to hire someone for your team, the time has come. Buy #fruits to consume on the same day. The flowers bloom quickly. The diet pills do not show any effective results. Insist. The Moon in Taurus loves #luxury, beauty and good food.


#Restaurants and bars. The family wakes up early. As early as 10AM GMT, Pluto and Moon move and plans are transformed. Beach or countryside? Doesn’t matter! There is spirit and initiative with Venus and Mars in Aries. Up to 8PM GMT, good times. After that, the ideal is to retreat and avoid deep conversations. Talk about soft themes. Streamline everything you want to do until February 9th. Then you should stop for Eclipse. Signs in a good mood today #Scorpio #Aries #Leo #Gemini   Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_ email pegadaastrologica@gmail.comFollow @pegadaastrologica or

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