Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes February 13th & The Week Ahead

Astrological Footprint Horoscopes February 13th & The Week Ahead

#MONDAY, 13th, starts well after 11AM GMT. Uranus’s pressures on the Virgo Moon decrease. You have 2 hours to speed up with your obligations.

Week of February 13th

Horoscopes Run errands between 11AM and 1PM GMT. Do your miracles in this range. Between 1PM and 2PM, Saturn stops negotiations. Hard times for #investments. Profits may seem stagnant. Teams do not work well. Those determined are barred by the utopians. Men and women confront each other in the dialogues. It’s a day with a few quiet hours and heated debates. Moment conducive to weight gain and fluid retention. Signs that need more calm today #Leo #Cancer #Aries and  #Pisces.   #TUESDAY, 14th, excellent for business and justice. Schedule meetings. #WEDNESDAY, 15th, book the nightfall for great decisions. Hot sensuality. #THURSDAY, 16th, is the day for salary negotiations. There may be consensus. Good astral up to 11PM GMT. #FRIDAY, 17th, opportune moment to break destructive emotional links. Severe violence through the planet.   Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_ Follow @pegadaastrologica or

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