Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes April 16th May, 2017

Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint April 16th May, 2017

The horoscopes for Tuesday with focus on money, finance and investments. It is the end of the lunar cycle, the arrival of Disseminating #Moon. Everything must be evaluated and shared.

Meetings for analysis of results are welcome. The Aquarian Moon has the necessary rebelliousness to create the paths that will be traced in the next New Moon. Thought is now in the element Earth

Horoscopes April 16th May, 2017

Mercury goes to Taurus and we look at the themes with insight and tenacity. The stubborn get more stubborn. Those who wish to pursue a goal, feel motivated until June. Even though it is a cycle of greater rigidity, Neptune creates escapist scenarios where our mind can hide to dream a little. Enjoy and organize your budget. Everything seems clearer.

#VIRGO #TAURUS #CAPRICORN should remain flexible to new ideas

#LEO #ARIES #SAGITTARIUS should avoid confrontation with the above signs

#PISCES #SCORPIO #CANCER live creative moments

#LIBRA #AQUARIUS #GEMINI solve relationship issues

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_

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