Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes April 13th May

Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint

Happy Saturday with  Full #Moon in Sagittarius. Perfect day for adventure, sports and travel. Discovering new places is a feature of this #Moon. Beach, country or town everyone can have fun.

MAY,13th, 2017

Uranus, Moon and Saturn go through a time of restraint of this mood at 10PM GMT. This trio, not so behaved in the Fire Element, creates scenarios of restraint to rebellion. If rebellion is in society, we have police on the streets. If rebelliousness is internal, we can close the Saturday with the weight of our choices.

It’s a day of good evolutionary learning! The Full Moon continues until the 18th and the period is of fluid retention and fattening. Improve the menu and include physical activities and body massages.

#Capricorn #Aquarius #Libra #Virgo #Scorpion #Cancer #Pisces and  #Taurus feel this pressure of Saturn at dusk.

#Gemini #Aries #Sagittarius #Leo live a day with adventures

Love on high for all until sunrise on Sunday!

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