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Daily Astrological Footprint April 12th

Wednesday’s horoscopes with good moments until 11PM GMT. Full #Moon in Scorpio expands sensitivity. We are connected with other astral spheres and it is a phase of extended sensitivity. The day is conducive to love, romance and seduction.


Horoscopes for April 12th


Venus and Mars connect harmoniously and there is a climate for the passions to explode. After 10PM GMT, Moon and Neptune confuse the mind. It may be good for romantics and artists, but complicated for those still studying or working. Decisions made at this end of the day are surrounded by obscurity. The ideal is to act with force until 9PM GMT. Then just love. Financial markets may surprise you with good profits, keep an eye.

Worst Lunar moment to apply for loans or finance debts. Best time to sell something for profit. Glutton phase and maximum fattening. Good time to prune the plants, harvest fruits and seeds. All the signs have a good day. Extra sensitive people should keep themselves in a quiet routine.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_

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