Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes April 10th & The Week

Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint April 10th & The Week

Happy Monday, how was your weekend?  Let’s get started with this week’s horoscopes and pray for good news. #MONDAY, 10th, with Moon in Libra and positive proximity to Jupiter. A day with a feeling of emptiness.

April 10th & the Rest of the Week

It is the absence of great cosmic pressures. We come to feel a lack of something, as if we were forgetting something important. Take it easy! It’s just a momentary calm after too many turbulent days. After 6PM GMT, the Moon is freed from the nebulous influence of Neptune and everyone is once again feeling life pulsating. A good day for business and for the practice of optimism. Young people collaborate a lot with high spirits, keep them close.   BackStage Beauty at Noon By Noor RTW Spring/Summer 2017

#TUESDAY, 11th, Full #MOON in Libra and a day of good partnerships.

#WEDNESDAY, 12th, romances on the rise with increased creativity, a good day.

#THURSDAY, 13th, Moon in Scorpio. A complicated day for relationships.

#FRIDAY, 14TH, surprises of all kinds. Avoid risks.

#SATURDAY, 15th, joy with Venus in direct motion. Good business and love.

#SUNDAY, 16th, resolution of some disputes with emotional healing.

Violence for the Planet on the 11th, 13th ,14th and SEVERE alert for 16th after Noon.

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