Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint Horoscopes 15th May & The Week

Style Cartel Daily Astrological Footprint April 15th May & The Week

The horoscopes for #MONDAY, 15th, Full Moon in Capricorn. Many decisions seem compromising. We feel the burden of responsibility. Untimely actions do not fit well.

It is a day of seriousness, fulfilment and commitment. There is some interesting movement in the banking sector and patrimony is the theme. Avoid sarcasm or inconvenient comments.


Jokes are also not welcome, especially in the corporate world. After 7PM GMT, there are restrictions on the encounter of Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Try to end your activities at this time and do not invest in speculation after this time.


Horoscopes 15th May & The Week

#TUESDAY, 16th, focus on finances and investments. Good time to take care of this theme and reap results until June 06th.

#WEDNESDAY, 17th, Moon in Aquarius comes with good times after noon. Improvement in communications. Good for meetings after 4PM GMT. #THURSDAY, 18th, cures in several senses. Excellent hour at 8 PM GMT 

#FRIDAY, 19th. Excellent period for weight loss. Do not start anything new. Invest in what you already have. Intimate moment. Connect with the Self and less with the large group.

#SATURDAY, 20th, complete day of good communication.

#SUNDAY, 21st, happy moments between men and women in the morning.

#LOVE on the 17th and 21st of May. In the week of the Disseminating Moon , the ideal is to share with the partner the expectations and also the conquests. Sexual encounters are ardent and relationships become more serious. #ALERT of Violence on the Planet on MAY 15th,18th  and 19th

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