Style Cartel | Astrological Footprint – MARCH,18th,2017

Astrological Footprint – MARCH,18th,2017  

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Helpful Saturday with good times for deep conversations. Venus brings the right moment to talk about a theme of the past, to fix a relationship that was stagnant. Anyone who negotiates an agreement with someone from the past, be it a divorce or another kind of breakup, manages to mediate well. Between noon and midnight , the day is entirely yours. Enjoy this lively
#Moon in Sagittarius and have fun, stroll, stay close to nature and recharge your energy. Hiking, adventures and sports at great time. Maximum phase of fluid retention, edema and fattening. Spend your excesses on a trail or hanging out with friends. 
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ALL #Signs in a good mood today. Be happy on Earth. 

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