Style Cartel | Astrological Footprint – MARCH,17th,2017

Astrological Footprint – MARCH,17th,2017

Horoscopes Confusing FRIDAY starting at 11AM GMT. Uranus and #Moon in Scorpio bring surprises. It could be the car that does not turn on, the plane that does not take off or the cell that does not work. It’s the test of patience. After noon, the romance comes into play. Looks and flirts at school, at the office and there is a climate to love. The conquest goes on and, after midnight, with #Moon in Sagittarius, there are good chances for extravagant sensuality. The day is not good for big decisions with Saturn blocking our actions, but people will be encased in the charms of the Scorpian Moon and may not even realize that the day has passed. Certainly, they will keep more memories of the dawn than of all the day. Have a good time! Busy day for investors with international market oscillating. Only operate on the stock market if you have experience. The American President is once again the subject of controversy over his reckless communication.

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