Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes June 14th 2017

Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes June 14th 2017


Today the horoscopes ask us to Common down on Earth. Nothing new. A little bit of the same. Doesn’t seem interesting, does it? Do not lose hope.

June 14th Horoscopes

#Moon in Aquarius connects to the Sun in Gemini after 6PM GMT. It would be a weak link in Air, but Saturn arrives and organizes thought. Henceforth, Lunar Node, Moon, Saturn and Sun create some solid structure for the week of daydreams.

Do not take this week as the basis for important decisions. Financial markets are unstable, and after 11PM GMT, you feel lucid. Nothing changes, but you are awake. Avoid postponing decisions for the morning of June 15th. There will be legal blocks at dawn. It’s best to work late into the 14th and close an idea.

The edges you trim until June 23rd.


#PISCES #SCORPIO #CANCER seek stability on Earth.

#VIRGO #TAURUS #CAPRICORN ignore the dreamers and continue in their daily tasks.

If you want to resolve an important issue with energy and courage, mark it for June 19th, between noon and 9PM GMT. More success with less effort.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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