Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for December 9,  2017

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Horoscopes have The DISSEMINATING #MOON in Virgo walks freely until 5 PM GMT. It’s a great day. Full of energy.

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It is the peak of the Lunar Cycle. Everything here is a lot. It overflows, it leaks, it works. Can we get more detail? Yes! We can go to extremes of perfectionism. Jupiter, Neptune and Moon create perfect scenarios at 7 PM GMT.


Notice so much perfection. It can be unreal. The suggestion is not to take important action after this time. Avoid big purchases or drastic decisions. The prices are higher, the prices are huge. The bars, restaurants and shops are packed.

The traffic is increased. 10th, on the waning moon, everything will be easier. We also live the #MARS change. Now, the great warrior goes to Scorpio. The energy is intense and intimate. Deep and subjective. Mars causes variations when it is in this sign in water.

Feelings are of ownership and control. The jealous are more jealous. The seducers, my God! Let there be air! #LOVE goes through days of euphoria and extreme sensuality. Dating that begins under this influence may end after January 26th. Attention to the increase of sexually transmitted diseases. Take good care of yourself! It is a period of impulsive, compulsive and domineering action. Certainly, lukewarm it will not be!

All Signs feel the pressure of the Full Moon.

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