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Horoscopes call for an agitated Friday at dawn with the strength of Uranus and #MOON, who walks to its last 52 hours in the Full phase. Everything is bigger, enlarged, exaggerated and it reaches the limit. Up to 7 PM GMT, the day is amazing.

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CAPRICORN Horoscopes

Uranus can change everything and the Moon in Sagittarius contributes to this opening of borders. After 7 PM GMT, the conservatives regain their spirits with the Moon going to Capricorn and there is no room for the daring. Saturn and Moon saw the dawn in that tone full of rules.

If you want to surprise or shine, you have until 7 PM GMT. Maximum moment of fluid retention in the body. Exercise and moderate in food. Only make debts after the 08th. Interest is now the highest in the Cycle. #LOVE takes a serious tone at dawn between 06th and 07th. It’s time to make a commitment to the future.

#SINGLES cannot get fast dating. People want a complete union of souls. Watch out for Sunday night. Pluto can bring about disruptions, precisely because there is no compromise between the parties or one of the two is impulsive and independent.





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