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Horoscopes #ALERT TO INVESTOR – Markets are shaken until 5:30 PM GMT. Then Uranus and Venus calm the exalted moods. Pluto and Moon also break the conditions at that time.


Daily Horoscopes

From then on, what had to happen already happened. Do not waste your time crying, accept the losses and move on. The astral tendency is of calm at dusk. For #investors in the stock market, attention to opportunities in other markets between the 8th and 9th of February.

Investment migration begins on the 08th, after 1 pm GMT. The moon of these days will be in SAGITTARIUS and it is time to make money beyond the sea . #BITCOIN has been considered a dead investment here, in the Astrological Footprint, since 2017.

Notice that we have entered the WANING MOON today. It is the moment of collection. Let’s gather what’s been done in the last 3 weeks. Now we will, until February 14th, organizing the material and personal issues.

The 15th we will return to battle. It is a good time for body waxing and drainage of liquids. #Diets show the fast result. It is finalization. You can end a matter, break a contract, or simply finalize an expectation in your heart. Couples and lovers are in for a night of seduction on Wednesday. All SIGNS re-evaluating emotions and expectations.


Be happy on Earth.


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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