Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for December 1,  2017


Today’s Horoscopes

FRIDAY’s horoscopes with Waxing MOON in TAURUS and VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS. The special phase for new investments. The opening of conversation between countries and good international negotiations.


Daily Horoscopes


Advantages of travel and effective relationships. A prosperous and happy phase. Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Saturn shine on the Element Fire. It is the resumption of courage and the desire for adventure. Enjoy this magical day and live intensely. Avoid exaggerations at 8 AM GMT. Uranus and Mars are in confrontation and violence increases. Markets stop between 1 PM GMT and 3 PM GMT. Wait for the resume in activities after 5 PM GMT. An amazing day that seems to have no end. 11 PM GMT still appear the news. Let it happen! All the Signs are agitated.


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