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Astrological Footprint – AUGUST,01st,2017



Cheerful and optimistic dawn with Waxing #Moon in Sagittarius. Everything goes very well until 2PM. At that moment, Venus and Moon are in confrontation and there is no negotiation that advances. Wait until 5PM GMTand continue your routine. The Sun is further away from Mars in Leo and it is an active day with less aggressive potential. People are more available and hopeful. Staying a little close to nature does well on this youthful moon.

In this phase of the Moon, the ideal is to PERSIST because there is always resistance over what was sown in the New Moon. Past and future face each other. It’s time to make the choices. There is a lot of movement and what is established this week, continues as standard until the end of the waning moon. Attend the meetings, be present at social events and be on the picture. All this marks this period. If you want #long and thin hair, cut them until 06th. Buy fruits, vegetables and #flowers for quick consumption because they spoil in a few days. Do vigorous physical exercises and improve the #diet. It is more difficult to lose weight.

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