Stella McCartney X KURE BAZAAR Backstages PFW

STELLA MC CARTNEY   x Kure Bazaar …

Fashion and Beauty Go Green together !!! The trends for Stella McCartney are to go green and natural.  Her latest show during PFW was held at the Opéra Garnier where the designer decided to unveil her new collection.  We take a look at the Backstage Beauty, where the beautiful part is she decided the naturalness would be the key element. Hair like “come as you are” with nude nails, through a glowy but light make-up, everything was done to highlight the natural beauty of the tops.


 Stella McCartney X KURE BAZAAR Backstages PFW

Matt … Matt … Fresh & Healthy here is the “trend Nails” Autumn straight from the Backstage Stella McCartney.

 Stella McCartney X KURE BAZAAR Backstages PFW

Pat McGrath for makeup. Kure Bazaar for nails. Stella McCartney knows the needs of her brand. If the slogan was to make the most of the natural side of the gorgeous young women in the parade, the two make-up giants were able to have a little fun. For the nails, it will be a nude pink light but mattified.

 Stella McCartney X KURE BAZAAR Backstages PFW

For the darling of the tops, Pat has opted for natural hues but very bright and bright to capture the light and play on the glow. Freshness and youthful look assured!

The “Ageless” Nails (baby’s nails) done by the famous Londoner Manicure Marian Newman.  She used a  refresh a Rose Transparent powder-coated by matt Base Clean reversed Top Coat !!!Kure Bazaar “Rose Milk” + “Base Mate Clean” top for a Healthy & Fresh Matte Finish


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