Be Meghan Markle for a day, through Stella McCartney’s new bridal line.

by Mee Jong

Now you can be Meghan Markle for a day.

To be specific, her WEDDING DAY!. I mean, thank Stella McCartney . Now you can follow Meghan Markle’s footsteps, of course without the parade, the horse, the media attention, the palace, and Prince Harry waiting ahead.

Last night, I received a link to an article.  “Stella McCartney” “Bridal” caught my eyes. I clicked on it and immediately forward the images to my chat group with my sewing classmates. Why? Because we are a group of ladies that talk about patterns, sewing, fabrics, and who wore what.

Part of me was so jealous of Stella McCartney as a woman who designs sustainable fashion items, even more, jealous when she designs bridal gowns for a living. Another part of me was so joyful that these dresses are available for the public! Well, a financially blessed public.

What happened?

Stella McCartney, known as a sustainable fashion brand, launched its very first official bridal line “Made with Love,” and I wish I’m a bride now. Simple and timeless is how I would describe this line. There’re no layers of lace appliques, bling bling embroideries, fluffy tulle if those are what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a sophisticated urban silhouette, this is a collection worth trying on. On top of the name and high quality as the brand promises, you are also contributing to the brand’s motto of being fashionably sustainable. A beauty that doesn’t come with the sacrifice of nature. The price range, from my research, are around 900-5,000 USD. I considered it to be affordable for wedding gowns. A global brand with this level profile would usually break your bank for a dress to be worn for one night. I have pinned some dresses on Pinterest that would cost me a house in the suburb of Bangkok. Therefore, 5,000 USD for a wedding dress is really generous of McCartney.

Here’re some photos from the collection.

Halter neck gown just like how Meghan Markle wore.


Images in courtesy of Stella McCartney


On the side note, do you agree that the model reminds you of McCartney herself? There’s a theory that people are usually attracted to someone looking like them. I have no idea if McCartney chose this model herself, but it was just a cute thought that maybe she was reliving her bridal experience while designing and shooting this collection.


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