Spin Class Where to Stay Fit in London for Fashion Week

by Charlotte Smith

Fit And Spin in London for Fashion Week

I have a passion for a good spin class. Over the last year, I have become a spin queen.   So I am always on the hunt for the coolest places to take a spin class in a fashion city. Now I turn my expertise to London, where I have found a spin studio for every level, from beginner to the competitive spinner.

Where to Stay Fit Take a Spin Class in London for Fashion Week psycle London

Spin in London Beginner

Our First stop is for the beginner at psycle London.  I checked out their Shoreditch location where I was surprised to run into so many Americans. The location was the idyllic studio to get back into my spin game in the New Year.

I was surrounded by beginners who were not sure what this class was about in this enormous studio space.   Many of the students had a full face of makeup not prepared to sweet to the techno tracks mixed with a few grime tracks.  I was a superstar just because I knew the difference between the positions of the handlebars.  So if you are a beginner and not sure if a spin class is for you this is your spot.

psycle London is more than just a workout, it’s about people, connection, strength, and community. They’re about you feeling good, igniting your passion and finding the fun in movement.

They set intentions before you sweat and encourage you to give gratitude after. They challenge you to strengthen not only your bodies but also our minds. They push you to work hard because they want you to be healthy and happy every day. Their unique classes don’t stop at spinning they also provide  – Ride, Barre, Yoga, and HIIT.  The ideal place to free your mind, connect with your body and be a part of our inspiring community.  You can find studios For classes, timetable, booking and private ride queries please contact our studios: MORTIMER STREET,  CANARY WHARF, and  SHOREDITCH.

Where to Stay Fit Take a Spin Class in London for Fashion Week One 10 London

Spin in London For a Challenge

One 10 spin class is one of my favorites places in London to drop into a class.   All levels of spinners are welcome with coaches that push you to ride harder and have a killer playlist.  The studio is state of the art and high tech.  The baker street studio is located 16 Baker Street, Marylebone, London, w1u 3bl.

One 10 is unlike other indoor cycling studios.  They offer two different technology led, concept classes. One being ‘Nirvana’ the only class in London to combine stats and the beat of the music to elevate your cardio workout and the other ‘Paceline’, a cycling inspired workout focusing on strength and endurance. One 10 has revolutionized the indoor cycling experience by combining technology with an intense workout giving you the best results possible.


After you can hit the high street and buy something new for your new body. the one10 experience is totally different from other studios.  Thier instructors uplift and motivate riders by delivering an unforgettable workout experience that delivers incredible performance benefits.  Powered by technology, our scoring system takes each rider on a journey and connects them with a community that loves to ride harder and live fitter.

The studio is huge, where you can hang out and chat with staff and coaches who are super friendly.  You can also take your time after classes and really get beautiful for your next appointment. With hair dryers and flat irons, toiletries and showers to get you to the next show on time with your after work out the glow.

Where to Stay Fit Take a Spin Class in London for Fashion Week digmefitness.

Spin in London Competitive

Digme Fitness Moorgate is the competitive spinner.  This studio is insane. Once you sign in electronically you enter the studio with all your classmate competitors. And the class race begins literally.  Each student is in competition with other from start to finish.  On the flat screens in the room, you can watch each other stats.  It is like you are playing a video game and you are actually in the competition.

Digme means achievement. Real achievement for everyone.

 Wondering where the name Digme comes from? Good question. It’s a beach in Hawaii which happens to be the start line for the famous Ironman World Championship. Geoff, our CEO has twice completed this incredible event, so to him, his wife Caoimhe and the rest of the team, Digme is hugely significant.

At Digme, we help you set your sights high, achieve more than you ever expected, leave feeling exhilarated and be in the best shape of your life – digging deep for real gains.


Spin just upped its game. Their signature class is 45 minutes of the best indoor cycling imaginable.

They’ve got the best indoor bikes on the planet, the Keiser M3i, which allow you to track and measure your data, giving you accurate feedback on your progress. We know that’s not for everyone though, so feel free to immerse yourself in the brilliant playlists and just forget about everything else.

If you don’t care about the stats and just want to focus on riding to the rhythm of the music, try a BEAT class, and if you want to seriously improve your cycling, try PERFORMANCE.


Our unique and innovative Matrix classes are 50 minutes of short spells of hard work interspersed with rest periods, leaving you burning calories for hours afterward. Based on three elements – run, condition, move – Matrix has been specifically designed to be a full-body workout.

Each class will feature the awesome Technogym SKILLMILL, kettlebells, TRXs and bodyweight movements.

After my first season at this athletes spin class, I finished at the bottom of the class.  Here I was not a spin star, but the studio made me want to come back.  I want to get better at my spin game and here are my stats from my Indoor Cycling workout. 

• Cycled at an average of 70 Watts with a maximum of 473 Watts at peak.

• Burned approximately 214 calories.

• Produced 172.3 KJ total energy.

• Rode with an average cadence of 83 RPM with a maximum of 129 RPM at peak.

• Total Spivi Points: 212


Well here is to being healthy in 2018 and working in fashion.  To me it’s all about your crew and what studio you go to.  There is defiently a studio for all times of personality.  Leave a comment if you have ever been to one of these studios.  We would love to hear your comments and learn about your personal experience too.


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