Is SPF For Your Lips A Thing?

by Candace Lachon

Is SPF For Your Lips A Thing?

In my best Will Smith voice: “It’s summa summa’ time” so keep your skin protected folks. And yes, including those lips.

Won’t lie, I overlook this step the most. You can blame it on my melanin, she keeps me gassed. But then I remember.. if I’m applying SPF to my face daily, shouldn’t I keep that same energy for my lips? No body part left behind.

Anything SPF15 or higher will suffice. Let me give y’all the tea on my current summer favorites:

JackBlack Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25 ($7.50)

YouTube fave Auntie Jackie (Jackie Aina) put me on to this. In addition to Shea Butter — Camellia Leaf Extract, and Avocado Oil makes this balm very nourishing. As far as texture goes, she’s a little thick, but I find myself not having to re-apply as much throughout the day. Smells delicious too. There’s about 5 scents. My fave is the Shea Butter. You can find it in your local Sephora or online.

Coola LipLux SPF30 ($12)

This is a beach must-have. She’s lightweight, goes on so smooth, and made with 70% organic ingredients. There’s no frills, not much scent, just straight sun protection. In the ocean all day? No worries, she’s also water resistant. When the sun is beaming, you’re going to want this little blue tube in your beach bag.

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