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Meet the Creative Director of Gucci: Alessandro Michele

Alessandro is born in Rome, Italy. He started at Fendi as Senior Accessories Designer and then moved on to Gucci under the mentorship of Tom Ford. No doubt, Alessandro Michele will be the highlight of Cruise 2020. The collection shows his love for antiques, cinema, his quirkiness, political statements, and gender fluidity.

Let’s take a look inside the most talked about show.

Front Row Guests

ROME, ITALY – MAY 28: Salma Hayek Pinaul, François-Henri Pinault, Zoe Saldana, and Marco Perego, attends Gucci Cruise 2020 at Musei Capitolini on May 28, 2019, in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images for Gucci)

Resort Accessories

Alessandro has brought us in a time machine and sent us back to the ’70s. Fascinating are some of these accessories that recapture the ’70s fashion. He even brought back the infamous vintage Gucci monogram. The ’70s were a time of freedom, self-expression, and rights. Fashion defined by bright colors and textures, long narrow dresses/skirts, feathers, sheer, lace all pared together, monograms, hardshell handbags. Alessandro brought his modern twist of 2020 in the ’70s.

Political Statement: MY BODY, MY CHOICE

Gucci has embroidered in one of the looks “My Body, My Choice” politically talking about the mess of America revoking the choice for women to have an abortion.
Gucci Resort 2020

“My aim was and is to pass a clear and loud message about the fact that the entire Gucci community is gathered together standing for gender equality,”

Alessandro Michele.

Honestly, well done Gucci! Thank you for standing up for our rights. With this political fashion statements, I feel like women will be more empowered and strong. I hope the rest of the fashion designers will follow their lead.

My Favourite Looks from Resort 2020

Genuinely, I don’t know where to begin. There was a lot to be gained from this show. Alessandro brings Gucci to his hometown. Upon viewing the collection this morning; it is exceptional. Alessandro Michele delivered his all in this collection. The genius idea of having a collection in a Catholic church to symbolize freedom of expression, reproductive rights, gender fluidity is a political statement. Can’t you feel the movement? I feel we were in the fight regarding reproductive rights. They occurred during the late 60s early 70s. There were pieces of the embroidered reproductive system and embroidered “My Body My Choice”. It’s outstanding how he can put together such astonishing looks. There even were some references of flapper/nun vibes. The casting director was so inclusive in the cast of quirky models. Whether you’re quirky, conservative, hip vibes, geeky, or queer. You can be anyone you want to be in Gucci.

The After Party

A big thanks to Gucci Pr NY and Getty Images.

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