Snoop dog released “Bible of love” an album filled with the Holy Spirit

by Shawna Montout

Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg did something different for his sixteenth studio album. After changing his name to Snoop Lion, and doing reggae, the former gangsta rapper surprised us with a gospel album: Bible of love. The double album contains 32 tracks. It’s releasing on March 16th.  

Snoop Dogg was first introduced to gospel music by his late grandmother, Dorothy Tate. At 46, he decided to share with us his love for gospel music.
“Bible of love” was the 20th best-selling digital album of the week, selling 3,000 digital copies in its first week. It was produced by Uncle Snoop, Lonny Bereal
In this project, we find diversity, every type of gospel. From the type, our grandparents were listening to the one we would listen now. Many gospel artists are on the album.
We can Also find artists that we wouldn’t first think of when it comes to gospel music. Singers such as Faith Evans, K-Ci, a former member of Jodeci and also K-ci and JoJo, or even Jazze Pha, producer and rapper.

From Gangsta music to Gospel

In the beginning, there was Snoop D O Double G. A young 19 years old teenager, introduced to the business by Dr. Dre in the 90’s. Suddenly he became a rapper. At the time he speaks, in his songs, about gangsta things: Drugs, sex…
Then we have the apparition of Snoop Lion. Snoop Dogg is a cool laid back artist doing reggae music.
Now He is surprising us with some Holy Spirit vibes and he is doing generously with 32 tracks. It feels like is music reflects the state of mind that he is in. He doesn’t do music only for money but also to share how he feels.
Snoop Doggy Dog has been in the rap business for 26 years now. He has explored several genres, work with many people. And has even done TV shows. So now what we should be asking him is what is coming next?


Snoop Dogg Bible of love

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