Sneaker Freak Friday| PUMA X HELLO KITTY DROP

Sneaker Freak Friday PUMA X HELLO KITTY


When the news hit the internet with the PUMA X HELLO KITTY drop, I almost fell out.  Hi all your Hello Kitty fans like me.  How smart to drop the lovely kicks right before Valentine’s Day.  So BAE if you’re reading this is what I want for Valentines Day, no roses please or chocolate.  Just hello Kitty, please.

Sneaker Freak Friday| PUMA X HELLO KITTY




For over 40 years, Hello Kitty overturned the heart of his fans. She may be high as five apples and weigh the weight of three, its influence extends over the entire world, bathed in an aura “kawaii” everything it touches since its debut in Japan in 1974. Born in 1968 PUMA Suede acquired long its iconic status, its roots in the world of sports and fashion deposit in the sneakers. Hello Kitty and the PUMA Suede are therefore both icons #ForAllTime certified pop culture.

How else to explain the success of a brand built largely on word-of-mouth? Hello, Kitty is for fans of all ages. So she was the perfect choice for the 50th anniversary of Sweden.

Sneaker Freak Friday| PUMA X HELLO KITTY

Everything in the collection of kitten red bow at the iconic bottle of milk pays homage to Hello Kitty, the little girl from London who loves all baked cookies and apple pie for her mom. Bright colors, graphics mischievous, fun and nested details make this range chewable.

We have seen the decline in Sweden is funky version fresh, chic and sporty. Today, its silhouette is revealed the most adorable in his day. The front of the boot, the tongue, the heel and the strip of the PUMA x Hello Kitty Suede Classic appear bright red, between a stark contrast to a Hello Kitty pattern and a thick white sole. Among the most notable details include the kittens in a red bow, wearing the iconic Hello Kitty bow and radiate through translucent soles. The shoe PUMA x Hello Kitty Suede Classic is available in adult sizes, junior, and go to the toddlers.


The PUMA kicks hit stores on February 8th.  Why they are Sneaker Freak Friday special!

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