Smart Gifts for the Fashionable Gentleman in Your Life

Getting people gifts can always be a little tricky. When you’re buying something for someone fashionable, it can be even harder.

Some people might avoid buying anything related to style so that they don’t get the wrong thing. However, it means ruling out a lot of excellent gifts. If you want to risk it, you’ll have to take a look at their style to work out what they like. It shouldn’t be too difficult to observe what they wear every day and try to find similar gifts. In fact, with men, it can often be easier. You can get some very stylish men’s clothes. But it’s often thought there aren’t as many different options as with women’s fashion. It makes things a little simpler when you’re trying to choose a great gift.


Smart Gifts for the Fashionable Gentleman in Your Life


A Practical and Stylish Bag


If you want a beautiful gift for a stylish gentleman, it’s often easier to start with accessories. You don’t have to worry about getting their size right. And they can be less difficult to pick out than a piece of clothing. Many men don’t carry bags on an everyday basis. If they do, it’s often a briefcase or perhaps a backpack. However, there’s no reason men can’t carry bags of all shapes and sizes. Although many men have a briefcase, they often prefer a bag that leaves their hands free. So something with a shoulder strap or handles long enough to go over their shoulder is a good choice.


If you want to buy him a bag, there are several styles you could choose. A leather weekend bag is ideal for anyone who travels a lot, for leisure or business. Smaller bags can be useful too, for men who don’t like keeping things in their pockets. A small bag with a strap across the chest can hold a wallet, keys, and perhaps important documents.

A Leather Wallet

While women will usually take a bag with them when they go out, many men prefer just to have their wallet. They often keep it in their back pocket, which means it can take a bit of a bashing. So it should be excellent quality if you want to give someone a wallet that will last a few years. You can’t get much more classic than a leather wallet, with enough space for both cards and money. If you want to buy something more interesting than a plain black wallet, try different colors. A stylish man might prefer something that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

Smart Shirts

If you know a fashionable man who always looks sharp, there’s one thing he can never have enough of. Smart button-down shirts are versatile and a must-have wardrobe essential. They can be worn as part of a smart-casual outfit, office wear, or even a super formal suit or tuxedo. However, not all shirts are made the same. There’s a big difference between shirts from Target and Lanieri’s range of Italian made shirts. If you want your gift to be special, you should look for quality shirts. Of course, you will need to know his measurements, including his collar size.


Smart Gifts for the Fashionable Gentleman in Your Life


Clothing Care Accessories

Anyone who has lots of beautiful clothes needs to be able to look after them properly. For example, leather and suede items need protecting from moisture and dirt. It might not sound exciting to get a can of Scotchgard, but there are ways to make it more interesting. You can get smart kits for looking after shoes and other items that make great gifts. You could also think about things that protect clothes when stored or during travel.

Summer Accessories

Smart Gifts for the Fashionable Gentleman in Your Life

Winter is a great time to wrap up in lots of layers, but don’t forget about summer accessories too. Of course, a stylish pair of shades is essential for sunny days. In fact, they can be useful all year, especially for anyone who likes skiing or snowboarding. When you’re trying to choose a pair, think about the shape of his face and his usual style. A pair of aviators might not be for him. Summer hats can be another choice, although it’s sometimes hard to pick a fashionable one. Not every man is a hat guy, so think carefully before you decide to buy one.


A man who looks sharp should smell good too. Not everyone wants to wear a fragrance all the time. But they can be great for special occasions or important days at the office. Choosing the right one might be a little tricky if you aren’t used to shopping for fragrances, and especially ones for men. If you don’t know where to start, talk to someone at your nearest store with fragrance counters. That’s what they’re there for, after all, even if you usually don’t want them to approach you.

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The Little Touches

Sometimes it’s the little things that make an outfit. So it’s worth thinking about the small accessories you could buy. Start with socks, which can be a cliche but make excellent gifts if you get it right. Don’t just pick up any packet of socks from the cheapest shop. Look at quality socks with character. You could also get shoe liners for guys who prefer to expose their ankles. Cufflinks are also useful accessories for guys who like to dress up, along with ties and even pocket squares.

Gift Cards

If you’re really stuck on what gift to buy, there’s always the humble gift card. It might not be that imaginative, but it’s often one of the most appreciated gifts. The giftee can spend it on whatever they want, which is always better than an unwanted gift. If you want to show that you’re thinking of them, choose a specific store or group of stores. Then your gift will say that you know them well, but you want them to be able to choose something they will love.


It shouldn’t be too hard to buy a gift for a fashionable man. Just pay close attention to what he likes, and you can search for something he’ll appreciate.

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