Slope Styles for that Perfect Dump

by Tillie Eze

This Fashion Friday is very different from those we’ve done in the past. I mean nary have we’ve talked about outdoor recreational activities, or “Slope Styles for that Perfect Dump”. (For those who think I’m referring to number two, dump means large accumulations of snow. It was a term I picked up while in Utah that seems to be popular nationwide.) Today we are changing it up because while in Utah, I hit the slopes for the very first time. And though safety was always very important, so was fashion.

Before leaving, I reached out to a few of my friends who are regulars on the snow to figure out what they recommended and narrowed it down from there. The items below are not all the things I took with me, but they are the things I tried at least once, just for good measure.


The Kari Traa base layer garments were developed by Olympic skier, Kari Traa. I first tried them out in the snow without the pants, while skiing. I wore a hoodie over it, plus a ski jacket. Eventually I became very warm with the jacket, but am glad I had the hoodie, or else I would have been freezing since my body temperature fluctuates drastically. That evening for bed I was a bit chilly and threw on the pants and the pullover (yes the one I had sweat in earlier. It is naturally breathable and odor-resistant… don’t judge me!). The soft merino wool and 4-way stretch were the perfect sleep aid. I honestly wish she made socks as well. They are the best set to lounge around in for lazy days, plus you can wear them out.


So, I don’t wear sunglasses, but goggles are a huge must while on the slopes. I don’t know why though. Seriously, I can’t tell you, but because they are a must, why not go with ones that “are the biggest improvement in sunglass lenses since polarized lenses came out in the 1930’s”. And that’s a huge claim. Happy Lens is the first and only technology designed to create a positive boost in mood and alertness by allowing mood changing blue light rays into the eyes. The Bravo goggles feature SPY’s one-handed, Locksteady lens interchange system where you can swap out your lenses with one hand. I’m not that skilled on the board yet to know the benefits of the one-hand swap, but it sounds pretty dope. My biggest concern with the lenses was that it would alter how I viewed color like sunglasses do, which is why I hate wearing them, but it didn’t. For a long period of time, I didn’t even realize I had them on.


If these two items weren’t so conspicuous, I’d wear them now. Both items are from 686 and I’m madly in love with both. First of all, the Authentic Runaway Jacket has pockets everywhere. You can stuff away snacks, lip gloss, a phone, lift pass, money, hook gloves, everything… it’s like a jacket purse… but not! And it’s pretty. And it keeps you warm! Toasty! Actually, I got hot in it and had to take it off, but then I cooled down, and put it back on. Then the Rhythm Pipe Gloves are smartphone touch friendly (which I was not aware of!), has pre-curved finger constructions and hook and loop cuff closure… so it hooks on to your JACKET!!! They are actually hanging together in my closet waiting for another run.


Many of you know this, many of you don’t. I’m obsessed with compression everything. So for both skiing and snowboarding I wore 2XU MCS Thermal ¾ Tight and Elite Compression Alpine Socks. Just a word to the wise… don’t do three quarters. Just don’t. Especially if you are a first-timers comme moi. Go for complete legs people. That is something I should have caught earlier, but didn’t. The second time, I just pulled the socks high enough to make it seem like one piece. There was constant support in the ankles and warmth throughout. None of that frostbitten, stinging feeling you get from being in the cold.

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