Sleeping Baby Means More Peace For Mummy – Thank You Maxi Cosi For Jade Carrycot

by Gosia Krajewski
Sleeping Baby Means More Peace For Mummy – Thank You Maxi Cosi For Jade Carrycot

How many times you were about to leave the house to do some shopping or drive to visit friends, and your little bundle of joy decided to fall asleep in their cot? I felt like Matylda had a little radar and was falling asleep as mummy was getting ready to go. So instead of going out, we had to stay at home until she woke up. Why? Because all mums know, that you would’t dare waking up sleeping baby! And babies usually sleep about 3/4 of the day so when we came across new world’s first lie flat car cot for newborns from Maxi Cosi, we were very excited to test it. That is literally everything modern mums on the go were waiting for!

Safe and easy to install

The Maxi-Cosi Jade combines the safety of a car seat and the sleep comfort of a carrycot. The perfect lie-flat position offers the ability for baby to travel comfortably and safely both during short rides and longer family trips. The unique Slide & Go installation offers an easy solution to go from the pushchair into the ISOFIX system in the car in seconds, without having to disturb your little one. Too good to be true? Well, there is even more exciting features that this amazing car cot offers.

Offering a lie-flat solution means that baby is both safe, comfortable and that you need to take less breaks. The transfer from pushchair to car has never been so easy as the Maxi-Cosi Jade is compatible with most Maxi-Cosi pushchairs. That means you can do all your daily shopping, visit friends or just have a walk in the park without disturbing your little one’s sleep.


Erik Salters, Safety Research Engineer at Maxi-Cosi comments: “Studies show that babies need up to 18 hours of good sleep per day. The Jade car cot allows your baby to sleep uninterrupted, in a healthy position, when and wherever you’re going with your family. Thanks to the car cot’s benefit of providing a full lie-flat sleeping position of 180 degrees and the highly comfortable soft touch inlay, babies sleep as good in the Jade as in their own crib.” We just can’t agree more! So have a look below, how easy it was to install it into the car.

With a unique Slide & Go installation on the ISOFIX 3wayFix base, you can easily install the car car cot correctly and safely as it does not rely on guiding seatbelts. The interactive light and sound feedback from the ISOFIX system makes it even easier. You can see and hear that you have installed the car cot correctly in the car. Green light means you are all set to go. For me and for any mum, baby’s safety is a key factor, when choosing the car seat. This unique and innovative travel system truly won my heart.

Its what inside that counts and Maxi-Cosi ensure that the Jade offers proved head and neck protection and side impact protection with the honeycomb technology. Plus the hood is super easy to push down with just one press of a button.

Maxi Cosi Jade

Happy baby and mummy

Ensuring the perfect lie-flat position ensures a healthy sleep of babies during traveling complete with a unique Slide & Go installation from stroller to car enables undisturbed sleeping.  And as we all know, sleeping baby means healthy baby and happy mummy.

Maxi Cosi

Jade is part of the 3way car seat family, a solution from birth up to 4 years in combination with the 3wayFix base, the Pebble Plus and the Pearl Pro i-Size. Jade is available in the colours Nomad Black, Nomad Grey, Nomad Blue, Nomad Red and Sparkling Grey so you can travel in style too.

Maxi Cosi Jade

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