DESIGNER TO WATCH| single phase new aw17 video

by Charlotte Smith

DESIGNER TO WATCH single phase

single phase is a brand that is the fly on the wall at a Luxury brand conference. They take notes, and build on what these other brands are trying to achieve with street culture fashion.  They are able to marry Luxe street wear, but have their ears to the streets in reality time.


new aw17 video

 The brand unveils their Hollywood heritage  through  a cinematographic look book, enhanced by the enigmatic night creatures in new aw17 video.  The garments are street style quality, but in real tones and shapes people can wear.  They look something borrowed to  something knew, but wearable.

DESIGNER TO WATCH| Single Phase new aw17 video

There is a sample from a little hip hop and a little rock and roll. For their aw17 collection, the brand’s signature minimal aesthetic meets the muted attitude of hollywood, resulting in rock and roll with a deep modern minimalist vibe.  With garments made for boys, girls, girl/boys and  boy/girls.


Photo and Video single phase new aw17 video

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