All that shine: System Professional Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Essence

I had the pleasure to get a hold of System Professional Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Essence. Thank you Wella for sending this magic oil over! The Keratin Boost is a luxurious leave-in treatment to reconstruct, and strengthen with Keratin against breakage. They even have selected animo acids! The selected oils to reconstruct and strengthen hair that this formula includes is argan oil, jojoba and also almond oils.

Argan oil – A plant based oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree from Morrocco. With its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, absorbs easily into hair without it being greasy.

Jojoba oil- is a desert plant. Plant Scientidixally speaking known as Simmondsia chinensis. It comes from the United States. Although it’s called a oil it’s in fact a wax oil full of fatty acids (all that good stuff). Some even use it as a moisturiser or even to combat acne! Killer plant.

Almond Oil – is such a luxury to have in your hair. Having omega13 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins E, and magnesium. It nourishes, strengthens also it’s great for treating hair loss and/or damaged hair. A few drops of this beauty goes along way to add that nice shine and silkiness that we are all longing for.

Personally I would have never thought to use this product due to myself having afro/curly hair texture. I usually I would go to Afro hair shops in Dalston for my hair products. I thought I’d give this product a chance since it also claims for all hair types. As a model my job has its cons. Sometimes I get my hair curled on set (leading to minor heat damage), or bleached on set. Due to my hair being bleached every two weeks- my hair is quite dry. And the minor heat damage doesn’t help. I also get a lot of breakage due to the minor heat damage.

It’s hard for me to find any product that does all 3; hydrates, prevents breakage, and strengthens my hair. Using the Luxe Oil has gave my hair hydration and the natural shine (without it being too greasy).I now use it in my daily routine.

In the video below I demonstrate the application of the Luxe Oil.

Instructions says:

Spray 6-8 pumps (my hair being short I only did 2-3) onto wet hair to facilitate easier combining. Ideal as a cutting lotion for hair that needs deep reconstruction. Do not rinse, then dry as usual.

Results: shine, hydrated loose curls 😉

Top from Daily Paper

Top from Daily Paper

A special thanks to Wella

xox, Nejilka

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