Worth the hype ? | Shape Tape concealer by Tarte

by Sabah Mansour

If there is one thing you should know about me, this is it. I spend my life searching for the concealer, the good one, the one that covers my dark circles and won’t leave my undereye cakey. Have I found it with the Shape Tape concealer?

If you don’t know this product, you probably haven’t been around the beauty industry for long. Tarte Cosmetics literally entered the high-end game with this concealer.

Since its launch, everybody is raving about it: beauty bloggers, influencers, beauty editors etc.

I am not going to be the exception. I absolutely love this concealer. Let me tell you about my dark circles background. From what I remember, I have always been struggling with dark circles. Thank you genetics. They are quite dark, almost purple and greyish at the inner corner of my eyes.

This is simple, I need concealer. I cannot feel put together if I am not covering those bad boys.

I have tried a lot of concealers, I loved some of them, hated some others. For instance, I bought and tried the Radiant Creamy concealer by NARS (another product everybody raves about), but I did not like it at all. I also tried the Fit me concealer by Maybelline, you don’t hear much about it but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a more affordable alternative.

Shape Tape is everything you want a concealer to be :

It is thick, which means it gives a full coverage

The ranges are wide, you can find many colors for many skin tones

It doesn’t crease on me, even when I don’t set it with powder


I think I found my holy grail concealer. You should try it. You won’t be disappointed.

There is one advice I can give you though, don’t do what beauty YouTubers do. Do not use too much of this product, it is way too thick to be used as a highlighting stick. Plus, as I said it will leave your skin cakey if you use too much. For information, I never re-dip my wand into the bottle, I actually wipe most of the excess on the edges of the bottle, and then apply on my face. And that’s enough for me and my dark circles.

Sadly, if you live in France like me, you will soon realize that Tarte cosmetics is nowhere to be found. But Tarte ships worldwide! I have never been disappointed with their shipping process. It takes between 7 -10 days to receive my package. I actually took advantage of the free shipping they were offering last weekend to restock my collection.


Shop here.

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