Shade and Shine – 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

The summer is fast approaching in Australia and, already, people are out on their decks and patios enjoying the sun. As the holiday season approaches, there are going to be barbeques, yard parties, and family cookouts galore. For many, this is the most exciting time of the year, but there are some things to do before the celebrations start here are  6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space


If you love being out in the yard, alone or with friends and family, you might want to do a little spring cleaning. The winter weather can be tough on things like garden furniture, and it plays havoc with the condition of beds and lawns. Fortunately, with just a little love and care, you can bring your yard back to life. Then, it’s time to invite the gang around.


This guide to transforming your outdoor space, just in time summer, will help you get started.

Shade and Shine – 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Get Your Shade Sorted


It’s great to have a suntrap yard, a warm and vibrant space that catches plenty of rays. However, the sunnier your garden, the more you should prioritise points of shade. With folding arm awnings, you don’t have to build posts or stands into the deck. These innovative systems are freestanding. They hook into a small box on an inside wall.


Give the Furniture a Boost


Garden furniture turns shabby if it’s left exposed and unprotected all winter. It’s easy to rescue though, so consider giving it a makeover before investing in a new set. Plastic and metal chairs can be painted over in cheery colours. If wicker furniture has tears or holes, just soak a small section of additional material until soft. Apply a little glue to the chair and position it on top.

Shade and Shine – 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Grow Fresh Herbs


If you’re looking for a way to liven up the deck, get some pots and start a herb garden. Varieties like mint, oregano, chives, parsley, and coriander are easy to raise. They just need a reasonably shady spot, out of direct sunlight, and a bit of a breeze. The big benefit of growing herbs is that they make your garden smell incredible.


Consider Outdoor Heating


It might be worth investing in an outdoor heater if you have the budget for it. While most parts of Australia are very clement, evenings can get chilly. For those who like to continue their yard parties and garden dinners well into the night, a patio heater is a valuable resource. If you opt for an energy efficient product, it won’t even cost you much to run.


Hire a Landscaper


For extensive projects, you may need to hire the help of a professional landscape team. This is only necessary if you’re looking for big changes, however. Landscaping is a great way to add new elements to a yard, such as retaining walls, rockeries, and water features. If you’re keen to take up a tired lawn and start again, it is a fast track to success.

Shade and Shine – 6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Add a Little Lighting


Outdoor lighting is often overlooked, but it fulfils a number of functions. For one thing, it ensures that the space is well lit for safety purposes. With wall lights and motion sensor fixtures, the security of your garden is enhanced. They also add interest and personality, as outdoor lights can be used to highlight beloved features and create striking, bold contrasts.


Enjoying the Countdown to Summer


The weather is already heating up in many parts of the country, so the time for outdoor soirees has arrived. One of the most important pieces of advice is, simply, to enjoy the space. Often, homeowners put a lot of time and money into garden renovations, only to forget that they need practicality as well. It’s great to have a beautiful yard, but does it make you smile?

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