The Setting For Serenity – How Changing Your Surroundings Can Boost Your Mood

The Setting For Serenity – How Changing Your Surroundings Can Boost Your Mood

Your surroundings can have a greater effect on your mood than seems possible, and changing them around every now and then can shift your perceptions of your home and your outlook on life, too. If you find yourself dreading coming home from work every day, you either have a really good job or a home in desperate need of a bit of a surrounding shift.

Changing things up a bit gives your brain some new information in a familiar setting to play with, and therefore means you feel less immediately exhausted when looking at the same old home as always. To explain how this happens, we’ve written an exploration into how changing your surroundings can boost your mood.

Colour Schemes

Having a dark colour scheme can be seen as being dreary and depressing, and certainly, over time, these colours can have this effect on your mental state. With that said, having less favoured colours can have an even more adverse effect on your mood in a day to day sense. If your least favourite colour is blue, for instance, and your home has blue walls in some of its rooms, you will be far less likely to enjoy spending time in those rooms.

Even on a good day, your mindset can be altered by the presence of this disliked colour scheme. Repainting to something more pleasing and more gentle like a cream or eggshell colour can help to mollify your mood on any given day, which is far better than negatively affecting you regularly.

The Setting For Serenity - How Changing Your Surroundings Can Boost Your Mood


The amount of light and kinds of light available in your home is important to your mental state, as natural light is far better for you than artificial light. Skylights, therefore, are a great addition to your home in the main areas like the kitchens and entryways but should be avoided in entertaining areas like the living room. The natural light afforded by these skylights can keep your room warmly lit for no cost whatsoever, making them good for your bank account as well as your mind.


The furniture in your home can do a lot for your mindset on any given day because the comfort of the chairs, couches, and tables in your home dictates how much you will actually use them and sit on them. Your comfort levels at home should be at the maximum possible because your home is an extension of yourself.

If your furniture isn’t comfortable, buy yourself some furniture that is as soon as possible. More comfortable furniture means you will spend more time relaxing in it and the more relaxed you are in that furniture, the more your synapses will connect your home setup with relaxation and happiness.


The layout of your new furniture is important for your mood as well, as it directly affects how unconsciously stressed you are at home. If you have your home set up with no clear exit pathways in the case of a fire or other emergency, you will constantly be aware of the extra effort you’ll need to put in to get safely out of your house. As well as this, the more open your layout, the larger your home will feel, making you feel less cramped.

Your home can be the most relaxing, safe, comfortable feeling place in the world to you if you put a little effort into making it just the way you like it, and there’s no reason not to put the effort in to make your home perfect for you.  

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